GI Universal Privacy and Cookie Policy

Last Updated: April 2024

Your privacy and the security of your information are important to us. This document describes the type of information we collect, how we collect it, and what we use it for. It covers all products and services of Grayczyk Innovations LLC (GI) and its subsidiaries, and is our highest rule on such matters where another more specific agreement doesn't exist.

We don't sell your information, period.
We don't share your information unless we have to

GI does not sell or share any personally identifying information from its customers or users with any other entity unless we absolutely need to in order to provide you with a service you asked for. A good example would be a domain registration. As the owner of a domain name, we would need to provide your information to the domain registrar. That type of thing. We'll also share your information with a government entity with appropriate jurisdiction that presents us with a warrant demanding it. That's it. Really.

We're watching you

That's not as creepy as it sounds. You're in our house, so we're going to keep an eye on you while you're here. Your country or state can't make us let you tell us to stop.

We may monitor in real-time or generate reports after-the-fact on any aspect of any user behavior while interacting with our webiste or web-based services. This helps us better track down and fix issues, and helps us continually improve our products and services. Any data your activity contributes to this is anonymized where possible. But, we're pretty clever, and might come up with a reason and a way to link it with identifying information for some purpose. If we do need to do anything like that, it will be limited to that specific and strictly internal purpose, and again, we won't sell it or share it with any other party for any reason.

Where possible and necessary, our website, software and services may alert us when something goes wrong. This includes GI web-connected software you may install on your devices. These alerts help us quickly identify and fix problems, and improve our products and services for everyone.

We DO NOT track you across other sites or non-GI services, or watch what you do anywhere else, even while you are also here.

What types of information we collect


  • We automatically collect your IP address, and details about the browser and device you are using.
  • We may collect any combination of pages visited, links clicked, mouse and scroll position.
  • Your location, as provided by your browser, which can be GPS-level precision, and you can reject, or by your ISP, which is city-level precision, and you can't reject. If a GI service needs to use your location, you'll be asked for specific permission on installation or when location is needed. Such data will be anonymized wherever possible.


  • We collect and store data from forms you submit on GI webistes and web-based services. These forms might be to personalize an experience, to provide you with our products and services, or to send us a message or request of some kind. Any data anywhere on the page, or in cookies that are accessible to us can be sent with a web form submission. Form data stored by us is only as identifiable as it needs to be to accomplish whatever the form was submitted for.
  • We collect data about you and your transaction when you make a purchase with us. We do not directly store your credit card information. When you make a purchase with us using a credit card or other financial information, this is securely sent directly from you to our payment processor. We do not intercept, store it, or even peek at it for any reason.
  • Your location, as provided by your browser, which can be GPS-level precision and you can reject, or by your ISP, which is usually city-level precision and you can't reject.

We might store data on your device

Like literally all other sites, we use cookies to store limited amounts of data on your device. We limit the cookies we use and data we store to essential functionality only. Because these are essential, they are not user-controllable. We may also use third-party services that improve our ability to analyze traffic patterns on the site, test functionality, etc. These are also considered essential for our website, services, and business to function. If you do not want an analytics cookie on your machine, please leave this site and clear your cache now (and of course stop using the internet immediately).

Some of our services are ad-supported. These will usually store cookies on your device related to the ad network, and are governed by the policies of the advertising network. These cookies can "track" you across websites that use the same ad network to display targeted content to you. We do not have access to this data or the ability to see anything you are doing while not using a GI product or service. Ad-supported services are generally available to users for free or a reduced cost. The placement and display of advertisements helps offset our costs in operating any services in which they are featured. To use any of our ad-supported products or services, you must either accept their cookies and not circumvent the display of advertisements, or upgrade to a premium ad-free version if available.

We might email you once in a while

Providing us with your email address gives us the right to use it to contact you about the purpose for which it was given to us, or any other product or service we are providing to you. We do not sell, share, or use it for unrelated marketing purposes, but we might contact you to tell you about updates or new features in GI products or services you use.

How long we hang onto things around here

Any identifying information we store is kept in a secure place for as long as it is needed. We usually hang onto non-customer data for up to a year. After which it is subject to purges to free up space and improve performance and efficiency. Customer data is kept indefinitely. Since we don't keep data that isn't required to operate our business or doesn't constitute a historical record, we cannot comply with any data removal requests. If we have collected something identifying from you, it is because we have done business with you or you have contacted us at some point. Obviously, we can't be asked to forget that type of thing.

Give us ideas at your own risk

We are under no obligation to provide compensation or recognition of any kind if you freely make a suggestion or provide us with anything that is not covered by a non-disclosure, confidentiality, or other agreement, and we either use it or appear to use it in whole or in part on our website, in our products or services, or in promotional or other content.

We might need to rethink things

As we grow and evolve, this policy might need to be revisited. If we change anything here, we'll let you know. If you're not a customer using a covered service, you can find the latest policy right here at Otherwise we'll send you an email to tell you about the changes. If for whatever reason the change involves any increase to data collection, storage, sharing or sales, you will be asked to opt-in to the change(s).

You are in control

If you don't like this policy, please feel free to leave now. Seriously. This is a really good user-centric policy that takes your privacy seriously and refuses monetization opportunities out of respect for you. If that doesn't sit well with you, then we probably shouldn't work together.